Funny Links From Around The Internet

How Many Meeting Achievement Stickers Can You Collect? – How was your week? Did you find ways to avoid the void of responsibilities at your cold, bleak workplace? Dick around in a meeting maybe rather than pay attention!? If so, you could be eligible for a meeting achievement sticker!

NFT Memes That Perfectly Capture The Ridiculous Trend – By now there aren’t many people who still believe in this idiotic trend and all those NFTs are pretty much worthless.

25 Funny Tweets From 25 Funny People – From funny oversharing to embarrassing moments, these tweets will have you laughing and cringing at the same time.

Door Knocker Balls – Add some charm to your mancave’s bathroom by hanging this big old pair of door knocker balls outside the door. Because why not?

Funny Tattoo Memes To Brighten Your Day – People with tattoos know that there is a whole struggle that comes with it. Like answering endless dumb questions and receiving unwanted advice and irritating comments. Thanks to the internet, though, there’s a way to have a laugh about it with the help of memes.

Woman Viciously Attacked by Otters – Who would have thought that baby otters are such vicious animals?

15 Funny And True Facts – A list of fifteen true and funny facts and while funny is subjective, we think you’ll read this list and agree that these are darn good.

Funny And Relatable Customer Service Memes – If you’ve spent a day working in customer service, then you’ve spent a lifetime.

Painful Memes That People Over 30 Can Relate To – Becoming older is not easy. Everything hurts and half the time you don’t even understand what teens are talking about. And don’t even get us started on the dating scene…

Funny Motorcycle Helmet Covers – Want a leprechaun on your head? An evil clown? A turkey? Unicorn? Biiitch, we got you.

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