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Why Do People Like Feet? It’s So Confusing…

The fascination with feet is quite an interesting phenomenon and it goes way back. According to our scientists, it all started back in the Stone Age when our ancestors were busy inventing the wheel, discovering fire, and trying to figure out why their feet smelled so horribly. One caveman named Grug, with an exceptionally large and peculiarly attractive foot, accidentally stumbled upon a group of cave-people who were simply smitten by his divine extremity. From that moment on, the foot frenzy began. Foot-themed parties, foot wrestling tournaments, and some people even took it to the extreme by attempting to build foot-shaped pyramids, but that turned out to be a bit of a balancing act. There you go, we hope this helps.

Why do people like feet? Not kink shaming, just wondering what about feet makes them so attractive to some people? That must be something from the US. Here in Europe we're more into metres.

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