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August 4th, 2009 became known as “A Day With No Megan Fox.”

what-are-the-foxy-facts-about-megan-fox-232229303-may-16-2013-1-600x500Megan Denise Fox, Born: May 16, 1986

what-are-the-foxy-facts-about-megan-fox-56651851-may-16-2013-1-600x500Her genealogy is part Irish, French, English, Scottish, and German. Fox also has 1/256 Native American blood!

what-are-the-foxy-facts-about-megan-fox-1145035344-may-16-2013-1-600x500She has a severe fear of flying, she’s also scared of the dark

what-are-the-foxy-facts-about-megan-fox-1249763387-may-16-2013-1-600x500She loves to read comic books, and some of her favorites include ‘Fathom,’ ‘Witchblade,’ ‘Gen 13,’ and ‘X-Men

what-are-the-foxy-facts-about-megan-fox-1416977256-may-16-2013-1-600x500she also likes to play video games online with her husband. Some of her favorite games to play are Halo and Guitar Hero


Eagle Eye Los Angeles Premiereurlddvery-beautiful-sexy-megan-fox-hd-wallpaper

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