Hipster Extremists: People Who Took Hipsterism To a Whole New Level

If you think you can out-hipster these people, then you are 100% wrong. These are no ordinary hipsters, these people have taken hipsterism to a whole new level.

The king of hipsters.

This is how hipsters drive around the city.

Hipster writing his poetry.

Radical hipsterism in action.

Dumbest tattoo ever or what?

Only radical hipsters do stuff like this.

Crazy hipster riding a camel.

Only in hipster stores.

Real hipsters don't need laptops.

Bunch of hipsters taking pictures of their food.

Hipster extremists.

Hipster and her pet.

Latest hipster fashion.

Amish or hipster?

Amish or hipster?

Latest hipster fashion.

Hipster walking his dog.

Crazy hipster in a subway.

Hipster listening to music.

Hipster working from a cafe.

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