11 Pictures That Couldn’t Have Had More Perfect Timing

11 Pictures That Couldn’t Have Had More Perfect Timing
You’ve gotta love those moments in life when something so picture perfect is captured at exactly the right moment!It’s a rare occurrence, but when it does happen, it’s pretty magical.

1. Is this how Homer met Marge?

This is pretty insane. What are the chances that Homer is looking in the exact direction of a random van outside with Marge on the side door?! Their love was truly meant to be.
Reddit | VladislavMiloslav

2. They wanted a happy family portrait. The dog had other plans.

The doggo had to pick this exact moment to ruin the mood. At least they have an amazing holiday photo to send out this year!
Reddit | witepriveledge

3. Coincidence or the culprit caught red handed?

No one’s around to blame except for this sly old fox! I think the expression on his face says it all…that flaming scooter is one that belongs to an enemy. Don’t mess with Grandpa.
Reddit | Lunar_GizMo

4. Odd timing for an odd, yet awesome picture.

Are we looking at this scenery at just the right moment or is this mama giraffe carrying a giant airplane toy for her kid? We’ll never know.
Reddit | rekkybaby

5. The coloring on this cat has me fooled…

“Oh, excuse me! Mr. Meow Mix, is that you?” This little kitty could easily pass as the cat food brand’s mascot. Perhaps Meow Mix needs a stunt double?
Reddit | DraftDraw

6. This is what it would look like if cats competed in the Olympics.

The cat gets 10 points for cuteness, but its posture is just horrendous. Overall, we’re going to have to give this kitty a score of 4.7.
Reddit | Sleazy-Jesus

7. This tough kitty is showing an annoying puppy who’s boss.

That reaction is EVERYTHING. You’d think it might be the other way around! I wonder what the puppy did to deserve such fate.

8. This bus route made the design all worth it.

I’ve never seen two people enjoy a dirty puddle so much. I’ve also never seen two people enjoy public transportation so much. There’s a first for everything!
Reddit | Mocomedia

9. This gal is inhaling San Fransisco’s finest.

I’d like to thank the wind for making this happen. Sometimes you just have to stop what you’re doing and take a breath of fresh…hair?
Reddit | bvuuu

10. Unfortunately, this little girl never learned to ride a bike.

The adult failed hard here. She was suppose to be the good influence, teaching the young one how to succeed at life. It didn’t go so well.
Reddit | jenvanl

11. Like a mirror image.

You’d almost think the dog was in on this photo magic. Either that or the owner sat there all day waitingfor this exact moment. Probably the latter.
Reddit | yolosafafofo

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